Accessibility in Chattanooga (The Good)

Accessibility in Chattanooga (The Good)

April 21, 2021 0 By blankenstein92

Growing up in Chickamauga, Georgia, Chattanooga was the largest nearby city that Mason and I visited frequently, and is now the city that I’m proud to call home. It has rapidly expanded in the last decade, allowing for a sizable portion of the newly built places to be accessible to wheelchairs. Some businesses have also followed suit and have began to include electric lifts for when ramps are not an option. While there is still much progress that needs to be done, there is a noticeable move in the right direction in terms of accessibility. Below are a few examples that I hope will continue to be implemented throughout the city, as well as others throughout the U.S. With any luck, this will hopefully be the standard in the coming years.

Crosswalk at Cherokee Blvd
Street located near the new addition of Renaissance Park

Food Works

Access lift near the front entrance that Mason was able to easily use by himself

These are just a few of the places that we encountered on a recent weekend out. I look forward to finding more places with similar accommodations.