Here you’ll find content produced by those with disabilities. Follow to find out more!

Mason Parker (Videogame Extraordinaire)

So I’m convinced that he cheats, but he swears that he doesn’t. Follow my little brother Mason Parker as he tackles some of the most demanding video games ever developed. He’s conquered Darksouls 3, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, and Devil May Cry 4………playing with one hand. Follow him at his Youtube Channel for more content.

Mason with the voice actor for Dante from Devil May Cry

Corey Lee (traveler)

Born with Type 2 Spinal Muscular Atrophy, Cory hasn’t let that slow him down at all. His goal is to goal is to “show you how to travel, where to travel, and most importantly, why travel as a person with a disability.” Follow the link to find out more about Corey on his website and learn more about him and his adventures.

Hunter Kelch (author/owner of

Author and Entrepreneur

About Hunter:

Keep Rollin’ and Keep Smilin’ is my life philosophy.  My name is Hunter Kelch and I am the author/owner of I entered the world three months early.  An infection in the first weeks of my life resulted in my having cerebral palsy.  I have been a wheelchair user my entire life and have a visual perception deficit.  Despite my rough start, I have never let my disabilities stand in my way of living a happy, fulfilling life.

I started Come Roll With Me to inspire others with disabilities to set  and achieve goals for happiness and independence.  My mission is also to bridge the disabled and abled-bodied together.

Additionally, I would like to bring awareness of accessibility issues that challenge individuals with disabilities and their loved one on a daily basis.” – Hunter Kelch